Made to order and for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Scandinavian countries.

Advanced tactical, multi-purpose, and service dress socks .

Technical solutions and features:

  • any colour and function: summer, winter, tropical or special purpose,
  • on request a mix of various fibres to ensure top thermal properties, breathability, maximum moisture resistance; membrane fitted footwear recommended.
  • construction: compression fit and feel, unique heel and ball of the foot solution,
  • optional: antibacterial, antifungal and odour-free (silver ions in the yarn), additional finishing coat against insects,
  • optional: elastic bands around the ankle and on the sole to improve the stability of the foot and to prevent the sock from slipping, elastic bands of various compression strength,

reinforced areas to prevent irritation and to enhance shock absorption; cushioning from terry cloth to absorb shock.