Quality policy


TRAWENA has a documented and continually enhanced quality system in place to ensure the delight of our Clients. We constantly monitor the effectiveness of the system.

In concluding agreements, we pay particular attention to:

  • particular requirements of the quality management system;
  • quality requirements relating to products;
  • requirements concerning audits and approval criteria.
  • principles and methods of communication and reporting.

Boilerplate clauses:

  • the right to access to the facilities where a given contract is executed;
  • access to facilities required to carry out audit activities;
  • unlimited opportunities to assess quality systems and to verify the compliance of products with contractual requirements;
  • any assistance concerning assessment, verification, testing, inspection, and approvals;
  • full access to relevant documentation.

Our success rests on discipline and flexibility of operations.

TRAWENA effectively employs a project-based management system, which ensures  the execution of our tasks quickly and effectively reducing costs and eliminating risk and restrictions throughout the entire lead time. The project is divided into stages, which allows for comprehensive monitoring and trouble shooting.

PROJECT-BASED MANAGEMENT is the knowledge how to avoid obstacles !

Logistics and production processes are subject to scrutiny on each stage of project execution (reports and inspections) from purchasing raw materials through the production of goods to deliveries. Access to suppliers’ facilities allows for immediate trouble shooting concerning quality. Using modern communication tools and our traditional due diligence and care, we can guarantee supreme quality, timely execution, and deliveries to any place in Poland, Europe and in the world. We also offer technical support, capacity to take individual orders and designs, and an unmatched quality to price ratio.

Reliance on state-of-the art technologies and on R&D teams of our business partners puts us among the entities which offer the biggest production capacity.

Better effectivenes

We rely on well tested project management strategies


Motivation and team building

Positive results breed respect and inspire our team to seek more effective ways of operation.

Building a stronger market position

The project-based management system in place guarantees a timeless benefit: supreme quality which is key to a strong market position.


If you have a better solution, use it” is the key principle employed in our organisation.

Quality tests and certificates confirming superior quality of our products come from the best Polish accredited laboratories including the Textile Research Institute, Institute of Leather Industry, Military Research and Implementation Centre for Uniformed Services (WOBWSM), and Moratex and from international centres such as SGS.

All our processes and procedures comply with the quality certificates held :

ISO 9001

Quality Management systems – Requirements.

AQAP 2120 - NATO

Standards for quality assurance systems in testing and in production developed by NATO. These standards are an integral part of contracts awarded in the military field.


NCAGE – NATO Commercial and Government Entity code assigned to government entities suppliers within the NATO coding system.