A LAYERED SYSTEM to protect soldiers against adverse atmospheric conditions.

System elements made to order and for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Scandinavian countries.

Flame retardant (FR) underwear protects users against flames and scalds.

A sample protective system composed of a few basic elements:

1) Flame retardant and thermal underwear with socks – summer variant,

2) Flame retardant and thermal underwear – winter variant – to supplement the first layer if required,

3) Field uniform and footwear,

4) Thermal blouse worn under the field uniform – Flame retardant,

5) Warming polar fleece for Shell Garment, windproof and showerproof,

6) Shell Garment (jacket and pants) equipped with a vapour permeable membrane; the fabric is sewn and glued for reinforcement. Loose-fit design of the sweatshirt and pants is conducive to making unhampered movements. This light, durable, and vapour permeable set effectively stops wind and retains heat generated by the body. It is ideal for snow and rain in combination with other layers such as thermal underwear.  The soft shell can be worn in winter. Loose-fit is part of the design (dressing in layers),

7) Thermal clothing – jacket, pants, and gloves. Effective protection against frost!