Various patterns and designs made to order and for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, NATO, and other European armies.

Tactical and multi-purpose gloves

Technical solutions and features:

  • any colour and special finish,
  • durable and non-slip, air permeable and quick drying (suitable for use in water),
  • combination of natural and synthetic leather with Kevlar or Spectra type fibres; cut resistant; double ply leather in places vulnerable to wear and tear during cable rides,
  • effective protection against injuries and grazes due to reinforced pads on the palm,
  • seamless (TOF),
  • good grip and comfort while handling arms – the shape of the index finger allows for handling the trigger; optional leather fingertip pads for extra protection; fingertips finished in Tactical Touch technology,
  • independent drawstrings to keep gloves in place possible (in the wrist and in the collar), adjustable cuff,
  • special finishes: non-flammable (up to 400°C), resistant to irritating chemicals; insulation against current.


Officer’s service dress gloves

Technical solutions and features:

  • made of top-grade genuine leather,
  • classic style, internal nylon knitted cuff (Napa or Velcro fastening),
  • lined with a moisture vapour permeable interlining, comfortable and snug, thermal comfort guaranteed,
  • optional: impregnation and waterproof and windproof finish