UNDERWEAR (ISO 11612:2015-11 Clothing to protect against heat and/ or flame) with properties of limited flame spread and user’s exposure to thermal radiation, convection or contact heat or molten splash. The underwear minimises negative impact of high temperatures in the skin and facilitates treatment of possible scalds. The fabric does not melt and does not stick to the user’s body; hence, the burning external clothing does not cause any additional injuries.

Manufactured from modacrylic, aramid, and meta-aramid fibres and their combinations

  • anti-electrostatic and bacteriostatic finish – silver ions guarantee anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties;
  • layered design of knitwear – to regulate bodily temperature, to ensure transport of moisture, and to protect the body against overheating;
  • flat / horizontal seams – to avoid skin chafes and to ensure comfort in use;
  • slim-fit – to ensure thermal control and mechanical protection without restricting movement;

We continue to work on state-of-the art special and flame retardant (FR) underwear. The deliveries effected so far and praises from our suppliers guarantee a strong leading position on the market.