Made to order and for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, NATO, and other European armies.

Uniforms come in many variants: field, summer, tropical (desert), special, etc. Rip-stop fabric; finish: advanced vapour permeability, thermal control, water resistance (hydrophobic), oleophobic  properties, soil and stain resistant finish, bacteriostatic and crease resistant properties; wrinkle-free, hydrophilic, and anti-electrostatic and heat resistant if required. Disperse and vat dyes, which absorb infrared radiation, and fire-resistant additions (aramid thread, zips, and belts) are used.

Loose-fit design of the sweatshirt and pants is conducive to making unhampered movements. The design includes tucks, ventilation holes, reinforced crotch/seat area, additional holes and compartments, slots for chemical lights, various types of fastenings (buttons, Velcro fastening, buckles, magnets, drawstrings, webs, etc.).  Adjustable collar bands and shirt cuffs protect against wind and sand. Various ways to mark the rank on the uniform. Comfortable vertical pockets (including chest pocket) with expanding sacks – sizes and amounts made to order. The sweatshirt and the pants have foam elbow pads and kneepads respectively.

The camouflage (to make visual perception or detection by means of optical equipment difficult) and protection against infrared radiation (to make detection with night-vision and ITR devices difficult) protects soldiers against detection, and, consequently, against enemy reconnaissance.