Various patterns and designs made to order and for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, NATO, and other European armies.

They come in many variants: field, summer, tropical (desert), special, etc. Rip-stop technology is used to ensure durability in extreme weather conditions. The design allows for a flexible arrangement  of compartments inside and outside to ensure easy access to the content. Backpacks/Rucksacks are equipped with a quick fix system and a system of PASS/MOLE strips offering outstanding adjustability and capacity to carry additional items (JPS, Moll/PALS).

Modular panels made in the Laser Cut technology considerably reduce the weight of the backpack and offer opportunities to add extra pockets and containers; external strips (JPS) compatible with the Moll/PALS system allow for attaching additional containers, pockets, first aid kit, and sleeping bag. Additional strings can be used to attach a foam mattress or a sleeping bag. D-rings can be used to attach tactical equipment. A water-resistant cover is located at the bottom of the backpack.

Optional systems and technical specification:

• two-way water resistant zips with a puller or ball chain,
• any arrangement of compartments in terms of size and function (hydration sack), inside and outside pockets and partitions below Laser Cut panels, compression straps,
• quick volume expansion systems,
• wide adjustable shoulder straps, side robs, stabilising  chest strap and wide waist strap to ensure a high level of comfort even while running. Compression straps guarantee stability of the items carried,
• upper (evacuation) strap to hoist the backpack and a side strap to carry it singlehandedly,
• padded back and partition / thermal insulation, frame,
• double seam, bolts and reinforcements,
• durable buckles; security straps,
• FAS PLUS fully adjustable carrying system, distribution of weight and load depending on the height of the user and topography; quick fix, high level of stability, and swing-free movement.