About us

TRAWENA enjoys a stable financial position, and coupled with rich traditions, it produces superior quality products.

We are a reliable and trustworthy business partner. Our financial stability is built on this trust.

Our success rests on discipline and flexibility of operations.

TRAWENA employs a project-based management system, which ensures  the execution of our tasks quickly and effectively reducing costs and eliminating risk and restrictions.

PROJECT-BASED MANAGEMENT is the knowledge how to avoid obstacles!

If you have a better solution, use it” is the key principle employed in our organisation

Fully aware of the importance of a motivated and dedicated workforce, we promote continuous personal development to ensure satisfaction from the work performed. Positive results breed respect and inspire our team to seek more effective ways of operation.

We aim to delight and exceed the expectations of our Clients.

We strongly believe that the Customer comes first, and we spare no effort to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our Clients who appreciate quality of products and service, professionalism,  and long-term beneficial cooperation.

TRAWENA has a documented and continually enhanced quality system in place to ensure the delight of our Clients. We constantly monitor our effectiveness. This translates into quality management and operations, and, in turn, into the superior quality of our products

The quality and technological level of TRAWENA products is our response to the expectations and requirements of our Clients who seek products manufactured with due diligence and care and products made in line with solutions tested in practice.

Nothing but superior quality can guarantee a strong market position.

Our owners have rich and varied experience in managing big enterprises. Their know-how and expertise in handling production related issues gives us an advantage in selecting our suppliers and business partners.

Quality tests and certificates confirming superior quality of our products come from the best Polish accredited laboratories including the Textile Research Institute, Institute of Leather Industry, Military Research and Implementation Centre for Uniformed Services (WOBWSM), and Moratex and from international centres such as SGS.